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Viškovo Expansion

The first works on the construction of the water utility infrastructure within the EU project were carried out in 2017 and 2018 in the area of Škurinjska Draga, Martinkovac and Marinići. These are investments that were carried out at locations where the EU project “Improvement of the water communal infrastructure – Rijeka Agglomeration” overlapped with the plans of other public developers. In order to avoid unnecessary multiple digging, traffic jams and congestion, as well as additional construction costs, the works were performed in a coordinated and simultaneous manner. For these works, EU funds were requested subsequently, after the signing of the Grant Agreement.

Planned municipal infrastructure:

  • Gravity sewage: 35,686 m
  • Pressure pipelines: 3,221 m
  • Facilities: 28 pumping stations
  • Water supply pipelines: 18,814 m

Scope of works:

For the purpose of collecting and conveying sanitary wastewater from Viškovo Municipality and the city of Rijeka, 35.7 km of gravity sewage, 28 sewage pumping stations with 3.2 km of pressure pipelines and the reconstruction of 18.8 km of public water supply pipeline are planned. Most of the collected sanitary wastewater from the area of Viškovo Municipality will be conveyed along the Pehlin road through a transport sewage that will be built in the city of Rijeka.

In the area of the city of Rijeka, works will be performed in part of Milice Jadranić and Baretićevo Streets, and will include about 0.69 km of gravity sewage, 1 sewage pumping station with 0.09 km of a pressure pipeline and reconstruction of 0.38 km of water supply pipeline.

Works in Viškovo Municipality will be performed in the entire area of Marinići (in the settlements: Bezjaki, Trampov breg, Mučići, Marinići, Blažići, Petrci, Stupari, Lučinići, Straža) and Viškovo to Vozišće (in the settlements: Furićevo, Gornji Jugi, Vozišće, Široli, Viškovo, Juraši) and in Mladenići (in the settlements: Mladenići, Trtni, Bujki, Brtuni, Biškupi). In addition to the construction of a sewage system on the main road route, the reconstruction of the public water supply system in the length of 18.8 km will be carried out in Marinići and Viškovo and in the narrow streets.

The contractor is GODINA GRADBENIŠTVO IN DRUGE STORITVE d.o.o., while the provider of the construction supervision service is a group of providers comprising: INSTITUT IGH d.d., EPTISA ADRIA d.o.o., FLUM-ING d.o.o. and PROJEKT d.d. Nova Gorica.

The value of the contracted works is 24,206,703.93 EUR (excluding VAT).

The deadline for the completion of works is 65 months.

Contracting Entity

Komunalno društvo VODOVOD I KANALIZACIJA d.o.o. za vodoopskrbu i odvodnju Rijeka (Utility company WATER SUPPLY AND SEWAGE Rijeka)
Dolac 14, 51 000 Rijeka, Croatia
TIN (OIB): 80805858278
Phone: 00385 51 353 222