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Asphalting of the section above Elementary school Pehlin is in progress

Autor: andrea
event 19.10.2023.

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, asphalting works began on Pehlin Street on the section from the Elementary School to house number 61. The works of this phase includes laying the bearing layer of the asphalt. The final layer will be laid after the completion of the work in the northern road lane.

During the aforementioned works, occasional stoppages are possible, so we ask all road users to be extra cautious and patient.

In the southern lane of the main road in Turkovo Street works are still underway on the installation of a new transport and water supply pipeline, which will ensure a safer and better water supply quality in this area.

Due to the rich network of various underground installations, including the mixed sewage collector, the telecommunication infrastructure of various teleoperators, transport and water supply pipelines, transport and supply gas pipelines, high and low voltage electrical installations, underground works can be particularly challenging.

After the completion of this first phase, in the northern traffic lane the replacement of the dilapidated water pipeline and the installation of a new sewage transport collector, exclusively of the sanitary type, will begin, which will replace the existing mixed drainage system that received fecal and rainwater.

Mixed drainage systems are being replaced due to the preservation of public health, environmental protection and the increasing risk of overloading the system, i.e. the overflow of untreated water into waterways due to higher percipitation amounts.


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