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Asphalting of the section above the Škurinje rotor is in progress

Autor: andrea
event 09.10.2023.

On Monday, October 9, 2023, work began on asphalting the section from the church to the rotor in Škurinje. The works include laying the final layer of asphalt and restoring the vertical and horizontal traffic signals to their original condition. During the aforementioned works, occasional interruptions and traffic slowdowns are possible, so we ask all road users for extra caution and patience.

The work on this section included extensive work on the replacement of dilapidated water pipes and the installation of a new waste water transport collector, exclusively of sanitary type, which will take the waste water to the new waste water treatment plant (UPOV) on the Delta.

Investments in water and utility infrastructure of this scale contribute to the protection of Rijeka’s water and rich underground sources and to the reduction of sea pollution, and the project will additionally contribute to the sustainable economic development of our region, reduce inequality and increase the availability of public services.

We thank all fellow citizens for their patience and understanding so far.

Additional information about the EUR 233,799,649.88 EU project “Improvement of the water communal infrastructure – Rijeka Agglomeration”, which is 71.33% co-financed by grants from the European Union, is available on the project’s website.

Citizens can find information about planned works, works in progress and completed works on the GIS web browser


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