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Construction works begins in Liburnijska Street

Autor: andrea
event 06.10.2023.

This construction work is going to be conducted on the construction of transport collectors and optimization of the existing drainage system in the area of Rijeka Zapad.

The construction works began in the area of the intersection of Zametska Street and Liburnijska Street, in Liburnijska Street in the extreme northern traffic lane (east-west direction), and will also take place at the intersection of Liburnijska Street and Ul. Jože Vlahović.

The construction works are carried out as part of workgroup A, subsystem A2 “Transport collectors: “Zamet” area (collector “Z1”), “Kantrida” are (collector “K1”), “CS Dražička” pumping station and “CS Kantrida” pumping station.

More specifically, transport collectors will be built in the area of Kantrida and Zamet, which will drain sanitary wastewater from already built sanitary collectors in the subject area, which are currently connected to the mixed drainage system. Transport collectors will be used to transport sanitary wastewater to the location of the wastewater treatment plant on the Delta. Due to the nature of the terrain, i.e. the impossibility of achieving gravity flow of wastewater, a pumping station with associated pressurized water will be built in Liburnijska Street.

We invite citizens to follow the progress of construction works and changes in traffic regulations and to respect them for their own safety and that of others involved in traffic.

We thank all citizens for their patience and understanding.


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