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Construction works begins on Rubeši and Srdoči

Autor: andrea
event 19.10.2023.

In the week of March 27, 2023. construction works will begin on D group of works – Kastav extension, on the subsystem SANITARY COLLECTOR RUBEŠI – SECTION 3, and on the subsystem SRDOČI – GRBCI, in Antuna Branko Šimića Street.

As part of the aforementioned group of construction works, 30.5 km of sewage network, 14.2 km of water supply network and 14 facilities (pumping stations) will be constructed in 14 subsystems. The contractor is GP KRK d.o.o., while the provider of construction supervision services is offered by: INSTITUT IGH d.o.d., EPTISA ADRIA d.o.o., FLUM-ING d.o.o. and PROJEKT d.d. Nova Gorica.

The planned duration of the construction works is 59 months, and the contract for this group of works is worth EUR 23,242,822.05 (excluding VAT).

We would like to add that the users will be informed in a timely manner about any possible changes in the dynamics of the execution of the construction works so that they are up to date with the progress of the project and so that they can plan their activities on time.


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