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Construction works started in Pehlin Street

Autor: andrea
event 06.10.2023.

Construction works are being carried out on the construction of the transport collector and the reconstruction of the existing water supply system.

As part of the interventions on the Project “DRAINAGE AND PURIFICATION SYSTEM OF RIJEKA AGGLOMERATION WASTEWATER” – COMPONENT A – A.1. Transport collectors: area “Škurinje” (collectors “S1” and “S2”), area “Viškovo” (collectors “V1” and “V2”) and pumping station “CS Škurinje”, construction works started in Pehlin Street, on the section from house numbers 49 to 57, which will last until 11.4.2023. years.

Completion of the mentioned construction works will enable a higher standard of water utility service of public water supply and public drainage.

The traffic will take place with the established temporary traffic regulations, without major delays and restrictions.

We ask citizens, especially tenants, for their patience and understanding.


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