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Pećine Primary School students visited Zvir water source and learned about the EUPAR project

Autor: andrea
event 24.05.2024.

On the occasion of the presentation, educational brochures “Zvirko and Dobrica for clean water” created as part of the EUPAR Project were distributed to primary school students.

Rijeka, May 23, 2024 – The presentation of the project Improvement of the water communal infrastructure – Rijeka Agglomeration, intended for primary school students in the area of the Rijeka Agglomeration, continued with the visit of the Pećine Primary School students to the Zvir water source in Rijeka.

The presentation was held in the premises of the Command Center and the Zvir pumping station, and on that occasion the students learned more about the purpose and importance of the Project and what it means for their growing up and further life in the community in terms of the importance of preserving water resources. As part of the presentation, students had the opportunity to see the Zvir water source and experience the unique sounds of underwater listening to the source.

On the occasion of this mini-presentation, Alen Miličević, the coordinator of the Project, said: “I am happy that the students of Pećine Primary School had the opportunity to get acquainted with what I believe is a very important project for our community. I think they found it useful and interesting. They had the opportunity to learn more about the importance of water, where our water comes from and where it goes, but also to learn about the Project itself. They followed the presentation of our Project with great interest, which certainly gives us an incentive to work with new, future generations in terms of water conservation.

The EUPAR project, among other things, focuses on informing the general public, especially the residents of the Rijeka Agglomeration, about the activities carried out within the project and about the advantages that the project brings to all citizens of the agglomeration. In this context, one of the goals of the Project is to focus especially on the education of primary school students during the duration of the Project.

By involving primary school students in information campaigns about projects like EUPAR, children learn about the importance of sustainable development, environmental protection and the importance of cooperation within the community, which are part of broader educational goals that promote environmental literacy.


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