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Preparatory work begins in front of the „Modello“ Palace as part of the reconstruction and extension of the sewage system in Adamićeva Street

Autor: andrea
event 05.02.2024.

U tjednu od 31.07.2023. započinju pripremi radovi vezani uz rekonstrukciju i dogradnju sustava odvodnje u Adamićevoj ulici u Rijeci, u sklopu 8,5 milijuna EUR vrijedne investicije rekonstrukcije i dogradnje sustava odvodnje i prateće infrastrukture.

The works will start in front of the “Modello” Palace (The Rijeka City Library), and the preparatory works will include the excavation of a 35-50 m2 pit up to a depth of 1 meter in order to control or determine the presence of any unrecorded underground installations.

After determining the possibility of unhindered excavation of the pit for housing the placement of the drilling equipment, which will be used to push the sewer pipes in, the pit will be filled in and the installation of the support structure will begin. The beginning of the works on installing the supporting structure is expected in early August. The vertical supporting structure will be installed using a mobile crane to ensure the stability and water resistance of the pit.

The construction works will not have a major impact on the development of the city traffic, occasional entrances and exits of machinery, from sidewalk to pavement and vice versa, will be manually regulated.

The traffic solution will allow the smooth operation of all surrounding entities, with moderate restrictions on pedestrian areas and parking spaces. From the mentioned area, in front of „Modello“ Palace, the „Val“ sculpture will be temporarily removed, and will be stored until the completion of the works on the construction works.

We emphasize that before the actual excavation, devices for measuring vibrations will be placed on the buildings in the immediate vicinity of the site to ensure the safety of workers, protect architectural heritage, and monitor the efficiency of machinery.  

As a reminder, total investment of the construction and extension of the sewage system of Adamićeva Street, from connection to the existing collector in Krešimirova Street to the exit in Ribarska Street, the construction of one kilometer of transport collector is planned, reconstruction of the existing collectors, the reconstruction of the water supply pipeline in the length of 870 m and the reconstruction of the secondary water pipelines.

Furthermore, at the location between the traffic island and the pedestrian zone of the Jadran Square, the construction of an underground rainwater overflow with associated pipelines is planned, and works will be carried out on the reconstruction of the sewage collector in Henckeova Street and the reconstruction of the water supply in Scarpina Street.

With the further progress of the works, changes or phases in traffic regulation will be introduced, and according to the latest information from the contractor, the closure of Adamićeva Street for all traffic is expected to begin in early September 2023.

When it comes to closing Adamićeva Street, traffic will be redirected to Riva Street, where a two-way traffic regime will be presented, and the delivery of goods and shipments for business and private entities will be possible through the side streets: Zadarska, Splitska and Zanonova Street and Ignacija Henckea Street.

We emphasize that citizens will be informed in a timely manner about any possible changes in the dynamics of construction works and traffic regulation for passenger and delivery vehicles, so that they can prepare in time and choose alternative routes in order to avoid congestion and traffic jams.


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