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Start of works at the intersection of Nova cesta – Lozinčina cesta

Autor: andrea
event 05.02.2024.

On Monday, September 4, 2023. works will commence on the optimization and construction of water communal infrastructure at the intersection of Nova cesta – Lozičina cesta, as part of the 233,799,649.88 EUR project ” Improvement of the water communal infrastructure – Rijeka Agglomeration “, which is 71.33% co-financed by non-refundable EU funds.

The announced works are a continuation of the construction on transport sewage that have already started on Nova cesta, within work group A, subsystem A2 “Transport sewage: area “Zamet” (Collector “Z1”) area “Kantrida” (Collector “K1“), pumping station “CS Dražička” and pumping station “CS Kantrida”.

The transport sewage will drain sanitary waste water from existing sanitary sewage in the area, which is currently connected to the combined drainage system. Transport sewage will be used to transport sanitary wastewater to the location of the wastewater treatment plant (UPOV) on Delta.

Due to the beginning of the new school year and the expected traffic jams, the closure of Lozičina cesta will begin on Monday after 9 a.m.

With the temporary traffic solution, the traffic on Lozinčina cesta, from Nova cesta towards Zametska street will not be allowed, while in the opposite direction, from Zametska towards Nova cesta, vehicles will be able to move freely. An alternative traffic route is provided through Krnjevo and Braća Mohorić streets.

Due to the establishment of temporary traffic regulation, bus line 3 of public city transport will operate on a temporary route:

It will run the regular route from Delta.

From Grbci it will run the regular route to the bus stop Zamet Cemetry, from where it will proceed to Primorska ulica – ul. Braće Mohorić – Baredice – Zametska ulica and continue a regular route.
The following stops will be used for boarding/aligting passengers on the specified route: Braće Mohorić, Zamet – Braće Monjac and Baredice, while Nova cesta B. Mohorić and Becićeva stops will be closed during the works.

We thank all citizens in advance for their patience and understanding and invite them to follow the progress of the works and changes in traffic regulation for their safety and that of others involved in traffic.


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