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The largest communal project in Jelenje Municipality will soon begin

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event 24.06.2024.

The value of the works amounts to more than 31.1 million EUR and is of particular importance for the local population because it ensures the construction of the first meters of a public sewage system.

Rijeka, June 12, 2024Construction works on the sewage system for work group G – Jelenje Expansion, within the project „Improvement of the water communal infrastructure – Rijeka Agglomeration“, set to begin in August, as announced at today´s press conference and public presentation of the works held at the Municipality of Jelenje.

Currently, the Municipality of Jelenje does not have a waste water sewage system, therefore the announced works will ensure the construction of the first meters of the sewage network, which is extremely important considering that this area is located in the water protection zone of the second degree.

The contractor is STRABAG, and the value of the contracted works is EUR 31.144.539,38 (excluding VAT), with a completion period of 59 months. Within this work group, the construction includes 32.5 km of gravity sewers, 3.5 km of pressure pipelines, 12 pumping stations, and 20 km of water supply pipelines.

The stated project value amounts to nearly ten annual budgets of the Municipality of Jelenje, clearly demonstrating its financial significance. It will also have a significant impact on the daily lives of the local population because, in addition to the sewage system, it will improve the quality of the water supply network.

Robert Marčelja, the mayor of the Municipality of Jelenje, explained what the project will mean for the local community:Over seven years ago, we announced the realization of this project, and now we are finally achieving it with the assistance of EU funds. This is the largest communal project in the history of our region, which will enhance the communal infrastructure, protect our nature, and ensure an improvement in the standard of living, that all developed cities and municipalities have had for a long time. We will start implementation in 2024 and will complete it completely in the next mandate period. Thank you to everyone involved in the realization of this project, this is a good example of the cooperation of all members of the Rijeka Agglomeration. I believe that together we will witness positive changes that will benefit the broader community, and I kindly ask the residents for their understanding during the ongoing works, which are necessary for the further development of the community.

Alen Miličević, the project coordinator for the Rijeka Agglomeration, provided more details about the upcoming works, emphasizing that the „Improvement of water communal infrastructure – Rijeka Agglomeration“project will enhance the quality of water services and elevate the communal and living standards of the residents of the Municipality of Jelenje. He explained that the works will begin in August, starting first in the upper part of Podkilavac and Saboli, followed by the other settlements – Podhum, Dražice, Lukeži, and Jelenje.

One of the significant challenges during the works, due to the demanding terrain configuration, will be traffic regulation and ensuring the daily life of the residents proceeds smoothly. In this regard, citizens are kindly asked for understanding and adaptation to the circumstances during the construction works, in order to minimize possible difficulties in carrying out their daily duties to the greatest extent possible.

Citizens were particularly interested in the topic of connections to the new sewage system and water supply network. It was explained that a manhole will be built to each property, extending to the private parcel, with sufficient pipe length for the household connection.

After the completion of the works in the municipalities of Jelenje and Čavle, Miličević explained, citizens will receive a notification from KDViK Rijeka regarding the connection to the new sewage network.

Representatives of the construction contractor pointed out that before the start of the works, they will visit the residents in the construction zone, define the positions of household connections with them, and inform them, about the dynamics and any outstanding issues.

Citizens will continue to receive timely and detailed information about all works through the media, the website, and the GIS web application, which they can easily access via the official website of the EUPAR project


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