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Work begins in Diračje and Ružice Mihić streets

Autor: andrea
event 17.01.2024.

As part of the EU project Agglomeration Rijeka, work group C “Construction of the drainage system – Rijeka Expansion“, works are starting in the streets Diračje (subsystem C.0.3 Kantrida Zamet) and Ružice Mihić (subsystem C.2 Drenova).

In Diračje street, due to the insufficient width of the roadway, the road will be closed to all traffic. A pedestrian passage will be established on the east side of the street, which will be used by tenants, while fenced ramps will be placed over the open trench to allow access to the gardens.

Traffic regulation Zamet (Diračje)

In Ružice Mihić street, traffic will be closed during the works, while in the rest of the work area it is planned to establish alternating traffic.

Traffic regulation Drenova (Ružice Mihić)

During the execution of works, traffic regulation takes place on the basis of the Traffic Elaboration, i.e. Consent for the establishment of temporary traffic regulation issued by the competent road manager so the contractor is obliged to enable the unhindered passage of emergency services after emergency intervention.

Please note that the contractor has delivered an information leaflet to citizens in the mailboxes of the streets affected by the works, and the users will be informed in a timely manner about any changes in the dynamics of the works, so that they can keep up to date with the progress of the project and plan their activities on time.

The construction of a network of new sanitary sewer collectors and the reconstruction and construction of water supply pipelines in the area of Kantrida and Drenova will ensure European standards in the management of municipal waste water and contribute to the protection of rich underground sources, the preservation of the environment and the preservation of water and water-dependent ecosystems.

The contractor is GP KRK d.o.o., while the provider of construction supervision services is offered by: INSTITUT IGH d.o.d., EPTISA ADRIA d.o.o., FLUM-ING d.o.o. and PROJEKT d.d. Nova Gorica.

We thank all citizens for their patience and understanding, and we invite them to follow the progress of works and changes in traffic regulation for their safety and that of others involved in traffic.


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