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Work begins in Trtni, Juraši and Blažići streets

Autor: andrea
event 13.12.2023.

On Thursday 14.12.2023. works on the construction of public drainage in the settlement Marinići will begin, namely in the part of Trtni Street (kbr. 101-103), the part of Juraši Street (kbr. 48 and surrounding areas) and in the part of Blažići Street (kbr. 31-39).

These are works on the construction of a transport collector for the collection and drainage of waste water within work group E “Viškovo Expansion”, subsystem E5-2 SETTLEMENT MARINIĆI 3-4-5.

The expected completion date for the construction of the entire collector is by the end of February 2024, considering the possible weather problems.

We ask all residents and passers-by to be careful in the mentioned area and to comply with the temporary traffic regulations and safety instructions in order to ensure the smooth progress of the works and the safety of all involved.


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