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Continuation of the reconstruction and expansion project: Adamićeva Street to be closed for traffic

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event 05.02.2024.
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Due to the construction works on the reconstruction and expansion of the sewage system in Adamićeva Street, specifically from the connection to the existing collector at Jadranski Trg to the exit into Ribarska Street, Adamićeva Street will be closed for all the traffic. Traffic through the city center will be redirected to the two-way flow on Riva Street.

Due to the commencement of construction, starting on the weekend of January 27th and 28th, 2024, a temporary traffic regulation will come into effect, closing Adamićeva Street to all traffic. Traffic through the city center will be redirected to Riva Street, where a two-way traffic flow for vehicles will be in place.

Considering the extensive work on establishing temporary traffic signals, preparatory work on the creation of horizontal and vertical signaling will begin today, Monday, January 22, during the night. From Wednesday, January 24, to Thursday, January 25, the four-lane traffic on Riva Street will be reduced to two lanes, which will already eliminate the possibility of parking on Riva Street.

Also, starting today, Monday, January 22, information about the parking ban will be distributed in the following streets: Ivana Zajca, Riva, Splitska and Zadarska. Notices will be placed on vehicles and at the entrances of surrounding buildings. Two-lane traffic on Riva Street will be in effect until the establishment of the new temporary traffic regulations and the closure of Adamićeva Street.

Let’s remind that, alongside the works on the reconstruction of water supply and drainage contracted by the company KD Vodovod i kanalizacija, the road structure and signaling are being reconstructed on this section, as contracted by the company Hrvatske ceste. Additionally, the stormwater drainage system is being reconstructed, which was contracted by the City of Rijeka.

The overall investment amounts to 8.5 million euros. KD Vodovod i kanalizacija is allocating a total of 6.8 million euros (own and EU funds), the City of Rijeka 406.472,00 euros, and Hrvatske ceste 1.2 million euros. The works are contracted with the company GP KRK d.d., and the supervisory service in contracted with the company Rijeka projekt d.o.o. for a total amount of 89.687,44 euros (Vodovod i kanalizacija 37.162,39 euros, Hrvatske ceste 43.234,45 euros, and the City of Rijeka 9.290,60 euros).

The reconstruction of water supply and drainage in Adamićeva Street is part of the strategic project of KD VODOVOD I KANALIZACIJA d.o.o. titled “Improvement of the water communal infrastructure – Rijeka Agglomeration” worth 233.799.649,88 euros, co-financed by 71,33% with non-refundable funds from the European Union.

The investment includes the construction of a one-kilometer-long sewage transport collector with a diameter of 80 cm, the reconstruction of a combined collector with a diameter of 1,2 m over a length of 300 m, the construction of a water supply pipeline over a length of 870 m, secondary water supply pipelines, and the reconstruction of existing sewage collectors over a length of 800 m.

Due to the necessity of installing infrastructure at great depths and protecting the city’s architectural heritage, the expansion of the sewage system in Adamićeva Street will use the pipe installation method known as trenchless installation or micro tunneling. Meanwhile, the works on water supply and the construction of secondary sanitary collectors, which are installed shallower, will be carried out conventionally by digging trenches.

Additionally, between the pedestrian zone of Jadranski trg and the traffic island, the construction of an underground rain overflow called “Roda” is planned along with the corresponding pipelines, which will serve to relive the system during heavy rainfall. Furthermore, works will be carried out on the reconstruction of the sewer collector in Henckova Street and the reconstruction of the water supply in Scarpina Street, financed with the company’s own funds amounting to 358.398,45 € by KD Vodovod i kanalizacija d.o.o.

After the closure of Adamićeva Street and before the commencement of construction works on the roadbed, preparatory work will be initiated, involving the installation of a temporary water supply bypass and conducting trial excavations.

The bypass is installed to ensure citizens have a stable and secure water supply throughout the entire investment period, while trial excavations are conducted to precisely determine the location of all existing underground installations.

Furthermore, to ensure the health safety of drinking water, after the installation of the temporary water supply, it will be necessary to disinfect the pipelines, a process that requires a multi-day procedure of water sampling and analysis. It is important to note that although the closure of the street is necessary, there will not be significant activity visible as the construction site during the preparatory works.

Considering the dense network of various underground installations including sewage and stormwater collectors, water supply, telecommunication infrastructure from various operators, gas pipelines, electrical installations, public lighting, and traffic lights, as well as extensive and long-lasting works in Adamićeva Street, collaboration and swift coordination are necessary to avoid delays.

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